Public Actions

  • Synopses of public license actions are posted on a current basis as they are made public.
  • Disciplinary documents may be downloaded by using:
  • For certified copies of public disciplinary documents, you can request them using our Request for Public Records form. Please include the full licensee name and license number. There is no fee for this service. Documents will be delivered electronically via email unless mail is requested.
  • Public actions against physicians are a permanent record.

Recent Actions

MAY 2022

Effective May 16, the medical license of Elizabeth C. Korcz, M.D., MD.28343, Hoover AL, is voluntarily surrendered.

APRIL 2022

Effective Apr. 21, the medical license of Oscar D. Almeida, Jr, MD, MD.12933, Mobile AL, is placed on probation.

On Apr. 20, the medical license of Eldred M. Brunson, MD, MD.11237, Homewood AL, is reinstated and immediately suspended until certain conditions are met.

Effective Apr. 12, the application of Terry Robinson, PA, Foley AL, for a license to practice as an assistant to physicians is denied.

Effective Apr. 7, the medical license of David A. Lapides, MD, MD.42061, Charlottesville VA, is voluntarily surrendered.

MARCH 2022

Effective Mar. 30, the medical license of Michael S. Dempsey, MD, MD.28525, Columbus GA, is reprimanded and subject to certain requirements.

Effective Mar. 22, the medical license of Gregory R. Myrick, MD, MD.30396, Millry AL, is assessed an administrative fine.

Effective Mar. 17, the medical license of Charles P. Bennett, MD, MD.22763, Montgomery AL, is voluntarily surrendered.

Effective Mar. 16, the medical license of Matthew M. Hine, MD, MD.39038, Chattanooga TN, is administratively suspended for 90 days.

Effective Mar. 14, the medical license of Charles Raymond Law, MD, MD.20968, Birmingham AL, is revoked.

On Mar. 10, the petition for reinstatement of the medical license of Christopher P. Gay, DO, DO.687, Anniston AL, was denied.

Effective Mar. 1, the medical license of Vinson M. DiSanto, DO, DO.1189, Boca Raton FL, is reinstated with conditions.

Effective Mar. 1, the medical license of Michael W. Proctor, MD, MD.11525, Huntsville AL, is temporarily suspended until a hearing has been held.

Effective Mar. 1, the restrictions on the medical license of Russell W. Stevens, MD, MD.26655, Mt. Vernon AL, are lifted.

Failure to Register as a Dispensing Physician (Administrative Fine)

Edward G. Witt, DO, DO.556, Huntsville AL