Retired Senior Volunteer License

The Retired Senior Volunteer Program was created in 2000 to reduce the liability of medical professionals who provide free medical services at an established free medical clinic.

The applicant must perform at least 100 hours of voluntary service annually and limit his or her practice to a free medical clinic or other nonprofit organization or facility.

Physicians issued a Retired Senior Volunteer (RSV) license are subject to continuing medical education requirements.

How to Apply/What Happens Next

  • Complete and submit the online application for an RSV certificate of qualificationApplications must be completed personally by the applicant.
  • Have the clinic complete and submit the Certification of Free Medical Clinic.
  • Your application will be placed on the next available Board agenda.
  • Once approved by the Board, apply to the Commission for the RSV license.
  • IMPORTANT:  Application fees are non-refundable, including for applicants who do not meet all qualifications for a license.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Has or had a full unrestricted license to practice medicine in any US state or the District of Columbia that was unrestricted and in good standing at the time of expiration.
  • Fully retired from active practice.
  • In good health and not currently undergoing treatment for a physical or mental condition that would impair the ability to practice with skill and safety to patients.
  • Practice is limited to an approved free medical clinic.
  • Has never had a medical license revoked, suspended, placed on probation, or otherwise disciplined.
  • Has not had hospital medical staff privileges revoked, suspended, curtailed, limited, or surrendered while under investigation.
  • Certifies understanding of being subject to continuing medical education requirements.



There is no fee for the Retired Senior Volunteer license

Renewal Requirements

  • RSV licenses and certificates of qualification expire annually on Dec. 31.
  • The certificate of qualification must be renewed prior to renewing the license.
  • Fill out the RSVP Certificate of Qualification Renewal Application, have it signed by the clinic or facility administrator, and email or mail it to the Board on or before October 20.
  • Once the COQ renewal application has been approved by the Board, the RSVP License is available to be renewed through the renewal website which opens on Oct. 1.
  • Please contact your facility with any questions or for additional information.

All lawful aliens/foreign national licensees practicing in Alabama are required to submit annually a Declaration of Lawful Presence form with proof of legal presence as a non-permanent alien prior to renewing your license. You will not be allowed to renew until legal presence documentation has been received and approved by SAVE. Likewise, manual renewals will not be processed without proper documentation.


An established free medical clinic is an organized, community-based program providing medical care, without charge to individuals unable to pay for it, and which is limited to care that does not require the services of a licensed hospital or ambulatory surgical center, and care that does not include the use of general anesthesia or require an overnight stay in a healthcare facility. See Ala. Code § 6-5-662.

A medical professional who, in good faith, provides, without fee or compensation, medical treatment, diagnosis, advice, or nursing services as a part of the services of an established free medical clinic, shall not be liable for civil damages as a result of his or her acts or omissions in providing the medical treatment, diagnosis, advice, or nursing services, unless the act or omission was the result of the licensed healthcare provider's willful or wanton misconduct.