On Apr. 12, 2022, Governor Kay Ivey signed Act No. 2022-302 relating to the practice of medicine and osteopathy across state lines and repealing Ala. Code §§ 34-24-500 through 508 relating to the license to practice medicine and osteopathy across state lines ("Special Purpose" license). 

Telemedicine is the provision of medical services by a physician to a patient via asynchronous or synchronous communications or other devices that adequately facilitate and support the appropriate delivery of care.  The term does not include incidental communications between a patient and a physician. 

Regulation of Telemedicine in Alabama

Licensing Requirements for Telemedicine

NOTE: In the event of a national emergency, natural disaster, or state emergency, a physician assistant may provide emergency medical treatment without immediate physician supervision or direction to patients within the affected areas of the state, provided that the treatment is within the scope of the assistant’s education, training and approved job description. The physician assistant in such circumstances shall make reasonable efforts to inform his or her supervising physician of the location and type of emergency medical services being provided and shall act in conformance with the direction of local medical supervisors. The authority granted under this paragraph shall extend only for the duration of the declared national emergency or state emergency or natural disaster.

Prescribing Controlled Substances via Telemedicine