Special Purpose License

2022 License Renewals begin Oct. 1. All licenses expire Dec. 31.

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Special Purpose licensees are limited solely to the practice of medicine or osteopathy across state lines via telecommunications. These licensees are not authorized to provide in-person treatment in Alabama.

How to Apply/What Happens Next

Complete the online application for a certificate of qualification for a Special Purpose license to practice medicine or osteopathy across state lines.

The completed application will be placed on the Board’s agenda for approval. Once approved, complete the Commission’s application for a Special Purpose License (forms available below).

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant's principal practice location and license are in a state/territory whose laws allow the issuance of a license to practice medicine across state lines or a similar license (Guam, LA, ME Medical, MD, MN, NJ, NV Medical, NM Medical, OH, OK Osteopathic, OR, PA Medical, PA Osteopathic, TN Medical, TN Osteopathic, TX).
  • Applicant holds a full and unrestricted license in any and all states in which the applicant is licensed.
  • Applicant has not had any previous disciplinary action or other action taken by any state or licensing jurisdiction (the Board may waive this requirement if it finds the disciplinary action does not indicate that the physician is a potential threat to the public).


Fees (Non-Transferable/Non-Refundable)

  • Initial Special Purpose certificate of qualification: $175
  • Initial Special Purpose license: $75
  • Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate*: $150
  • Special purpose renewal: $300
  • Print receipts at the Licensee Portal

Renewal Requirements

Initial Special Purpose licenses expire on Dec. 31 in the third calendar year after they are issued. After that, licenses are renewed annually.

The renewal fee is $300.

All lawful aliens/foreign national licensees practicing in Alabama are required to submit annually a Declaration of Lawful Presence form with proof of legal presence as a non-permanent alien prior to renewing your license. You will not be allowed to renew until legal presence documentation has been received and approved by SAVE. Likewise, manual renewals will not be processed without proper documentation.


Yes, provided that all state and federal requirements can be met without personally examining the patient. Be aware that the Drug Enforcement Administration has regulations regarding the prescribing of controlled substances via telehealth/telemedicine, and many third-party payors have policies regarding billing for telemedicine/telehealth encounters.

Yes, in a medical emergency or when the practice is “on an irregular or infrequent basis,” defined as a physician currently listed in another state whose practice occurs fewer than 10 times in a calendar year, or involves fewer than 10 patients in a calendar year, or comprises less than one percent of the physician’s diagnostic or therapeutic practice.