Public Actions

  • Synopses of public license actions are posted on a current basis as they are made public.
  • Disciplinary documents containing more detail may be downloaded by using:
  • Public actions against physicians are a permanent record.

Recent Actions

APRIL 2023

Ar. 10 - Henry R. Emery, Jr., MD (MD.24390), Washaw NC - ordered to cease and desist the practice of medicine in Alabama.

Apr. 19 - Janie T. Bush Teschner, MD (MD.14227), Gadsden - the license is placed on probation allowing supervised return to practice.

Apr. 27 - Trung Nam Nguyen, DO (DO.1864), Tyler TX - the Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate is voluntarily surrendered.

Apr. 27 - Emmanuel O. Odi, MD (MD.24167), Birmingham - the license is voluntarily surrendered.

Apr. 28 - Jessica M. Saucier, PA (PA.2124), Orange Beach - the voluntary restriction is terminated.

Actions for failure to meet CME requirements (assessed a fine; must obtain additional CME for 2023)

Lorna J. Bland, MD, Lic. No. MD.25119, Tuscaloosa

David G. Lemak, MD, Lic. No. MD.23881, Birmingham