Public Actions

  • Synopses of public license actions are posted on a current basis as they are made public.
  • Disciplinary documents may be downloaded by using:
  • For certified copies of public disciplinary documents, you can request them using our Request for Public Records form. Please include the full licensee name and license number. There is no fee for this service. Documents will be delivered electronically via email unless mail is requested.
  • Public actions against physicians are a permanent record.

Recent Actions


Aug. 5 - Ludonir C. Sebastiany, MD (MD.44831) - the medical license is voluntarily restricted

JULY 2022

Jul. 21 - Vinit V. Patel, MD (MD.21022), Hoover - the medical license is voluntarily surrendered. 

July 28 - Richard L. Snellgrove, MD (MD.16922), Fairhope - the probation on the medical license is lifted.