Collaborative Pharmacy Practice

Eligible Alabama licensed pharmacists and physicians may enter agreements that allow them to develop joint patient care plans.

Know Before You Collaborate

  • The Board of Pharmacy and Board of Medical Examiners jointly approve applications for collaborative practice between eligible physicians and pharmacists.
  • The collaborative practice agreement specifies the duties to be performed, how documentation and communication between practitioners will be handled, plans for quality assurance, and other details.
  • A standard protocol and formulary outline the typical care and services that would be provided.
  • If services outside the standard protocol and formulary are contemplated, approval by a joint committee of medical and pharmacy board members is required.
  • Agreements are renewable every two years, and notification of termination is required within ten days.
  • Amendments to the scope of patient care services, including new therapeutic classes of drugs added to the authorized formulary, must be submitted within ten days.
  • Retail pharmacies are prohibited from employing physicians to enter into collaborative practice agreements with pharmacists; however, retail pharmacies may hire a physician or licensed medical practitioner to conduct quality assurance reviews.

Collaborative Pharmacy Practice Rules

How to Apply

The application should be completed by the collaborating pharmacist using the forms provided by the Alabama Board of Pharmacy.


Qualifications for Pharmacists

  • Active, unrestricted license to practice pharmacy in Alabama.
  • Active, unrestricted Alabama Controlled Substance certificate issued by the Board of Pharmacy.
  • If the pharmacist is providing services in a facility permitted pursuant to § 34-23-30 only, the pharmacy must maintain an active unrestricted pharmacy permit and DEA registration.
  • Paid all application fees.

Qualifications for Physicians

  • Active, unrestricted license to practice medicine in Alabama.
  • Active, unrestricted Alabama Controlled Substance certificate issued by the Board of Medical Examiners.
  • Has practiced medicine for at least three years OR one year if the physician is certified by a specialty board approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties or American Osteopathic Association Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists. 
  • Paid all collaborative practice fees.

Board of Pharmacy Forms


New collaborative practice agreements:  $300 Board of Medical Examiners application fee + $100 Board of Pharmacy application fee.

Renewal of existing agreements (every two years):  $200 Board of Medical Examiners renewal fee + $50 Board of Pharmacy renewal fee.