Changes to MME Conversion Calculations Reflected in PDMP Database

Based on updated CDC Guidelines released in November 2022, adjustments have been made to the morphine milligram equivalency (MME) calculation in the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program database. Specifically, the CDC made changes to commonly prescribed opioids for pain management resulting in changes to MME conversion calculations. Some examples of this include:


Example of Previous MME Conversion Calculation:

Methadone (10 mg * (120 qty/30 days supply) * 3=120 MME

Tramadol (50 mg * (180/30 days supply) *0.1 = 30 MME


Example of Updated MME Conversion Calculation:

Methadone (10 mg * (120qty/30 days supply)* 4.7= 188 MME

Tramadol (50 mg *(180 qty/30 days supply) *0.2 - 60 MME


For a full list of opioids with updated conversion factors, please visit the CDC Guidelines document at