DEA Extends Public Health Emergency Telemedicine Exceptions Through Nov. 11, 2023

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has extended special allowances for rules that were put in place during the public health emergency. These allowances specifically deal with how doctors can prescribe certain controlled substances using telemedicine. The goal is to make it easier for patients to get the medications they need while still ensuring safety and following the rules.

With this extension, healthcare providers can continue using telemedicine to prescribe controlled substances, which means patients can receive their medications through virtual appointments. This is especially helpful when it's difficult or not possible to have in-person visits. The DEA recognizes that telemedicine is essential for providing important healthcare services, especially during uncertain times.

It's important to know that these exemptions will be in effect until November 11, 2023. During this time, doctors can use telemedicine to prescribe controlled substances, but they must follow the specific guidelines and rules that have been established.

To learn more and read all the details about these exemptions, you can check the official notification from the DEA by visiting this link: By staying informed and understanding these updates, healthcare providers can continue giving good care to their patients while adapting to the changing world of telemedicine and prescribing controlled substances.