Scammers Continue to Impersonate Medical Boards and Other Officials

Scammers continue to mail, email, fax, and call physicians, claiming to be medical board investigators, FBI, DEA, even US Customs and Border Protection, and telling licensees they are under investigation or having some other issue with their agency. Sometimes they will tell you a fine is due or that you must pick up a package at an express delivery store. They will say your license is in jeopardy unless you take a certain action. They can easily "spoof" legitimate telephone IDs and names of agents. 

Do not give these individuals any information and hang up immediately.  If you do provide information, especially credit card or bank information, you should contact local law enforcement or the Attorney General and your credit card company/bank.   

Be aware that Alabama Board of Medical Examiners investigators do not notify physicians of investigations by any means other than in person except in rare cases.  When we receive a valid complaint, it is most often personally served on the physician, and the physician signs an acknowledgment of investigation while in the presence of the investigator.  If you receive a contact purporting to be from the Board that seems suspicious, you can ask for their direct line and say you would like to call them back. Chances are they will hang up or provide a number that does not go to our agency.