Public Actions

  • Synopses of public license actions are posted on a current basis as they are made public.
  • Disciplinary documents containing more detail may be downloaded by using:
  • Public actions against physicians are a permanent record.

Recent Actions

APRIL 2023

Ar. 10 - Henry R. Emery, Jr., MD (MD.24390), Washaw NC - ordered to cease and desist the practice of medicine in Alabama.

Apr. 19 - Janie T. Bush Teschner, MD (MD.14227), Gadsden - the license is placed on probation allowing supervised return to practice.

Apr. 27 - Trung Nam Nguyen, DO (DO.1864), Tyler TX - the Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate is voluntarily surrendered.

Apr. 27 - Emmanuel O. Odi, MD (MD.24167), Birmingham - the license is voluntarily surrendered.

Apr. 28 - Jessica M. Saucier, PA (PA.2124), Orange Beach - the voluntary restriction is terminated.

Actions for failure to meet CME requirements (assessed a fine; must obtain additional CME for 2023)

Lorna J. Bland, MD, Lic. No. MD.25119, Tuscaloosa

David G. Lemak, MD, Lic. No. MD.23881, Birmingham

Carlos A. Liotta, MD, Lic. No. MD.32516, Sheffield

William A. Powell, III, MD, Lic. No. MD.12246, Birmingham