Considerations on Closing or Leaving a Practice

Medical Records and Patient Notification

The Medical Records page contains information about retaining medical records and notifying patients.

Notification to the Board and Commission

When licensees retire or stop practicing medicine in Alabama, they do not have to notify us. They do have to provide a change of practice address within 15 days of the change. (Ala. Code § 34-24-338)

Licensees can make address or other demographic changes using the Licensee Portal.

License Status Options

The following license status options are available:


Earn the required continuing medical education and renew license.


Do not renew the license and allow it to go inactive.


Active with Restriction Due to Retirement 

Some retired physicians want to keep an active license but do not practice medicine or prescribe any drugs.  These physicians may request a waiver from the CME requirement for license renewal.

To request a retirement exemption, complete and return a Request for Retirement Waiver.

This is not a disciplinary status and is not reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank.